• Mehrteab Leul, Lead LawyerUntil our judiciary and court system demonstrate consistent traditions of efficiency and ability to handle complex international commercial disputes, alternative dispute resolution practically remains the only viable option for our international clients who invest in Ethiopia.

  • While the vast majority of international investments in Ethiopia have not resulted in commercial disputes, the nature of the commercial relationships entered; the complexity of the cross-border transactions and contracts executed between individuals, companies, organizations, and government entities, commercial and contractual disagreements are almost inevitable. The risk that the disputes will give rise to litigation or arbitration in an unfamiliar jurisdictions such as Ethiopia is real.

  • MLA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group is proud to be one of the premier legal services in Ethiopia with significant experience in domestic and international arbitration. Our lead lawyers have served both as party-appointed arbitrators as well as counsel in domestic and international arbitrations involving commercial and state-to-state arbitration. We have represented large corporations in domestic disputes and served as counsel in international commercial and state-to-state arbitrations.

  • At MLA, our primary goal is to do our utmost to seek resolution of disputes for our clients efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. MLA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group assists clients with the drafting of dispute resolution clauses, often taking advantage of our collaborative cross-practice approach to bring together lawyers from different practice groups to ensure contracts are both substantively and procedurally sound and protective of our clients’ interests.

  • MLA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group also assist clients in intensive mediation efforts which resulted in successful settlements. Persistent engagement in negotiation and mediation, backed by readiness to file notices of arbitration in disputes which initially seemed intractable, achieved favorable and cost-saving outcomes for our clients.

  • For legal advice on all matters related to alternative dispute resolution in Ethiopia, including domestic and international arbitration, negotiation, and mediation, please contact Mehrteab and Getu Advocates LLP, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an appointment to speak with a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group.