Awoke Mitku

Date: 29 November 2022
Tags: Legal Team
Awoke Mitku









Selected Experience:


Trainee Associate

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Awoke Mitku is a Trainee Associate in MLA’s Corporate and Tax Practice Group. Before joining MLA he was a Board Member and Editor-in-Chief of the Addis Ababa University Student Law Review. He also served as a legal intern at the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia for four months and at Addis Ababa University School of Law Free Legal Aid Center for two years.

Awoke volunteered at the UNHCR-UN Refugee Agency and also worked as a Research Assistant to individual researchers as well as a Research Consultant to the Governance and Justice Group (GJG) Ltd on research conducted on the Ethiopian Justice Sectors under the sponsorship of UNDP.

LLB, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, with Very Great Distinction (2022);

  • Advised a client on public procurement matter, and represent the client before the Federal Procurement and Asset Disposal Complaints Review and Decision Setting Board and the Federal Courts;
  • Reviewed contract documents and advised clients on possible amendments
  • Drafted employee Loan Guarantee Agreements;
  • Drafted software development agreements;
  • Advised clients on the establishment of foreign cultural centers in Ethiopia;
  • Advised clients on trade competition and consumer protection matters;
  • Researched  and advised clients on transfer of rights and obligations during the restructuring of public enterprises;
  • Prepared memorandum of appeal and other legal applications and/or petitions
  • Translated  documents ; and
  • Assisting clients on country profiles and questionnaire that are critical to start business in Ethiopia.