Non Governmental Organizations

  • MLA is one of Ethiopia’s leading law offices that provide foreign non-governmental and non-profit organizations with comprehensive advice on registration, compliance, planning, governance, and reporting issues.

  • The MLA NPO Practice Group provides a variety of services that require synergy with other practice teams given the broad-based and full-service representation that these organizations require. Clients in this practice include not-for-profit organizations in Ethiopia, aid organizations, bilateral governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, and religious associations.

  • Our team members have an intimate knowledge and understanding of not only Ethiopia’s Civil Society Organizations Proclamation but also all laws and regulations that impact NGO/NPOs. Members of the NPO Practice Group work to ensure adherence to and compliance with all laws and regulations and in this effort, they conducted extensive due diligence investigations to study and analyze risks associated with proposed arrangements with local partners, liaised with all relevant authorities, drafted required documentary submissions, reviewed memoranda of understanding with strategic partners, conducted a comprehensive review of taxation and accounting requirements, advised on employment matters, and, assisted in de-registration processes by facilitating dissolution and winding up.

  • The MLA NPO Practice Group is set up to coordinate closely with other practice areas including labor and employment, immigration, tax, and corporate law. This ability to provide comprehensive strategies for our clients is a distinct advantage that MLA offers its clients that few other law offices are equipped to do in the country.
  • For example, we have advised clients on responsibilities under Ethiopian law related to disputes between employers and employees who work for non-governmental organizations. We have extensive experience engaging in negotiations and mediations with relevant Ethiopian government agencies, including the FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Non-governmental organizations and multilateral institutions in Ethiopia may contact Mehrteab and Getu Advocates LLP, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an appointment to speak with a member of the NPO Practice Group.