We Strive for Excellence

Welcome to Mehrteab and Getu Advocates LLP

Founded by Mehrteab Leul Kokeb, Mehrteab and Getu Advocates LLP (“MLA”) is a leading full-service law office in Ethiopia, and has over 20 years experience advising and representing clients on wide range of legal issues concerning business and investment in the country.

MLA’s clients range from start-up companies, to government entities and multinational corporations, such as, Coca Cola and General Electric (GE).

Committed to providing the highest quality of legal services, MLA offers its clients a personalized environment to build mutual trust as well as understand their objectives and cost concerns. The clients of MLA are guaranteed to receive legal services which are underpinned by the basic pillars of professionalism and excellence. MLA maintains a staff of highly trained legal professionals who work round the clock to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

MLA’s primary focus is to optimize clients’ investment based on compliance driven legal strategies, and creative options. MLA lawyers work very closely with their clients to proactively structure deals in the best interest of the clients drawing from the rich experience the office has developed over the many years.

We advise businesses on numerous operational and ownership issues, and assist them in anticipating issues that may arise in pursuing their business and corporate strategies. Whether it is drafting or negotiating contracts, advising on structuring deals, or handling mergers and acquisitions, our lawyers possess the required expertise and experience to help our clients achieve their goals.